One of the funniest moments on Survivor Season 27 so far has been the fact that Kat Edorsson was voted off by her tribe last week on Survivor 2013 and she headed to Redemption Island, but she seemed more upset that she lost and may lose Hayden Moss out of the deal and not the $1 million! They are newly dating, so she doesn’t want him to think she is a loser. Will Hayden forgive Kat for losing on Survivor Season 27???

Survivor 27 - Kat and Hayden

The video below in our Survivor Season 27 spoilers will give you the answers, most likely, but it still makes me laugh watching this. It is so cheesy and corny, but it is good for a laugh this Wednesday afternoon! I lost the challenge and was voted out….will my boyfriend still like me though????

Check out the sneak peek at tonight’s Redemption Island time on Survivor Season 27 and then come back tonight for my recap:

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