October 8, 2016

Big Brother Over the Top Spoilers: What did Kryssie do with her Care Package?

Yesterday, America gave Kryssie Ridolfi the first Big Brother Over the Top Care Package. It contained a “Save a Friend” power. Kryssie could use this Big Brother Over the Top power to save a fellow player from nominations. Kryssie analyzed and debated who America wanted her to use the BBOTT power on and save from eviction. […]

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September 1, 2016

Big Brother Spoilers: Corey Uses the Bribe to…

America awarded Corey Brooks the final Care Package on Friday afternoon in the Big Brother 2016 house. It contained a $5,000 bribe. He found it difficult to figure out how to use the bribe because the week presented constant challenges that made the bribe useless to his Big Brother 18 game. His showmance partner Nicole […]

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