Same song, different day in Big Brother 2011. And that song is zip-a-de-do-dah!

Tonight should be no surprise to anyone as we see Brendon walk out of the Big Brother house for the final time. Rachel’s attitude is markedly different than it was two weeks ago. I believe it’s because she knows “her fiancee” will be safely ensconced in the jury house and not roaming free around LA. The difficult duo has had major personal issues in their relationship. I won’t go into them here, but it involved Skype, another woman, and racy photos of a certain PHD’s “member.” I think Rachel’s utter breakdown last time was due to the fact that she wasn’t 100% sure that Bookie would be a good boy on the outside.

Rachel 2.0 is a different creature. Angry instead of Sad. Bowed up instead of Weepy. It’s quite the sight.

Yesterday beginning around 12:53pm BBT FLASHBACK– the two couples lashed out at each other, when JeJo informed Brenchel that unless they could secure Adam’s vote (they can’t) then Jejo would not vote to keep Brendon, risking ruining their own game for no reason. This, since Dani would not break the tie in his (Brendon’s) favor and upsetting their other ally, Shelly..Daniele will undoubtedly use this in her favor, trying to pull Rachel to her side, by blaming Brendon’s eviction on JeJo–Expect..”I would have kept him if it was a tie.”

Jeff and Rachel went at each other, as Jeff finally had enough of Rachel’s selective memory–i.e. forgetting about the whole week when he, Jordan and Shelly babysat Rachel in her hours (and hours) of need. Jordan was the one who actually used the word “babysit” (I’m loving “fiesty Jordan” this season, BTW), but Rachel took exception to it, which led to a whole new argument, out in the Big Brother 2011 pool. The other piece of selective memory revolved around the fact that Rachel chooses to forget when she and Brendon did their best to stab JeJo in the back with Daniele, and tried to get her to put up Jeff, instead. When Jeff brought it up, Rachel vehemently denied it, while Brendon eased his way out of the conversation. Brendon still has some shred of integrity, at least. Rachel has zero.

The big question now is who will win the next Big Brother 2011 HOH. Indoor lockdown started in late afternoon, leading us to believe we will see either a physical or (please, please) endurance competition. With Dani out of commission in this week’s competition, it’s bound to be time for a power change in the house. The Dani-ites have held all the cards for the last three weeks-though as far as evictions, it’s been a fairly toothless reign. Now, it’s surely time for a shift. The J/J/S/A alliance knows they MUST win tonight. MUST. Expect the hardest-fought comp of the season.

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