UPDATE: The HG’s played a HN-competition- Brendan, Enzo, Hayden are Have-Not’s and America chose Broccoli and Bean Dip for their food. The HG’s also won a grill, and will  be having steaks for dinner.

Brit is getting ready to make her noms.  Likely to be Bren and Enzo.  STAY TUNED or sign up for the FEEDS!!

The reign of terror is officially underway in the Big Brother 2010 house.

After a surprisingly close showdown with Enzo, of all people, (Professor Ragan was out the first round)  Britney won HOH. You got to give it to her.  Brit is a competitor, she has won three POV’s and now an HOH, so she deserves her place in the HOH bedroom, but me, oh, my, it is going to be a rough, ugly week, as anyone not down with the trash-talking will be in danger.
If you STILL don’t have the LIVE FEEDS….Remember, you won’t get even close to the real story without them, and it is only $14.95, for the whole rest of the season, and last night’s win is going to change the game significantly. See what “Princess Britney” does with her crown.

Brit got her HOH room, and everyone, including Brendan actually got to finally see the picture of Nick, thereby finally laying to rest the “Lane is Nick” rumors. However.. what the H..E..And where the double hockey sticks, was that segment with Lane and Brit’s families about the brewing romance between Lane and Brit?  It is a funny thing to me, that BB would bring on a bitter ex of Brendan’s,(who is single), and Kristin’s angry boyfriend, but not the famous Nick- while showing the flirtation going on between Lane and Brit (who is engaged.) Where was the elusive Nick?  I am guessing that he is not too happy about the whole situation and refused to come on the show. Is he hurt that his future mom-in-law threw him over so quickly??Hmmm, Big Brother.. What’s up with that??? Unless, of course, this is all a sham and Lane IS Nick.. Damn you Big Brother…

Brit and Nick

Britney swore on her relationship with Nick that she would not put Brendan on the block, when he kept her safe TWICE last week. But, if you think she is going to honor that promise, I got some beachside property in Arizona, I’d like to sell you. He goes up, and most likely, Enzo with him.. But, don’t forget, we have POV coming up. The most important POV yet.  Could this be the end of the Brigade?

Last night, only Enzo and Brendan stayed out of the HOH room, after the initial opening, as the “Cruel Crew” (HEY! how do you like that name? I think it is better than Team Mean), re-instated their mocking talk show “Just the Tip”.
It was particularly brutal, smashing Rachel and Brendan, of course, and also viciously trashing Kathy.
Kathy, poor Kathy..Who was, BTW, a class act last night, going on the door.

Today, and the rest of the week, we will just have to suck it up and endure “Bragan’s” lording it over everyone. I HOPE… I really do.. that they will act gracious as winners, since they are two of the absolute nastiest losers I have ever seen.
For everyone who thinks that Ragan is just awesome.. You have not been watching the same show I have.

Matt, on the other hand, played his D-POV beautifully last night, and Brendan took it like a man.

What will the week bring? Sign up to the FEEDS to see for yourself, STAY TUNED for Britney’s nominations, and let me know how you feel about last night’s results!!

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