Before we kick off the Big Brother season finale, let’s watch tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race together! Tonight the teams are leaving Colombia and heading to Brazil. During this leg of the race, the teams will encounter the first U-Turn of the season and will have to make a huge decision! Make sure you refresh this page often for all the details of tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race season 32!

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Tonight we get a look at the teams as they depart Colombia and head to Brazil. Will & James are talking with Riley & Maddison and agreeing to work together. They bring in Hung & Chee, Gary & DeAngelo, and Aparna & Eswar into this alliance and they all seem to be on board with working together.

The five teams that have aligned are all in the top spots as this leg of the race starts off. They are given a list of items that they have to buy at a local market for their first task. The catch is, they are all written in Portuguese. The teams are scrambling to get all the ingredients from their lists and Will & James are the first ones to finish and get their ingredients checked by the dockmaster. Hung & Chee are in second after Eswar & Aparna have to go back for another pair of gloves. Leo & Alana are in third, Gary & DeAngelo are in fourth and Kaylynn & Haley round out the top five.

Will & James lost some of the items from their list back at the dockmaster, and a couple of the teams didn’t even realize that they had to bring them. In the end, Riley & Maddison ended up in first place and Will & James ended up in second. The last of the teams start getting into their boats to head to the next destination, but Michelle & Victoria have forgotten their list of items.

Now it’s time for the Detour challenges where the teams can choose between two tasks. The first one is to help the Chief of a local tribe to finish building the roof of his house with a bundle of leaves or they can use the ingredients they just picked up at the market to prepare a meal. While the rest of the teams are in their boats, Gary & DeAngelo decide they are going to tell Michelle & Victoria that they need their ingredients from the last task. They could have told them earlier as they were boarding their boats, but they didn’t. Michelle & Victoria tried to tell Jerry & Frank that they need their stuff on the way back, but they didn’t hear them. When they get to the shore, they realize that they needed their bag which is still back on the beach where they got on their boat.

Will & James had made it through the Detour and are heading for the first U-Turn of the season. They decide to U-Turn Leo & Alana and head to the Pit Stop for this leg of the race. Chee & Hung are in second and mention the U-Turn in front of Leo & Alana who say they feel pretty confident with all the teams. Here is the order the teams made it to the Pit Stop:

  1. Will & James (U-Turned Leo & Alana and won a trip to Bali)
  2. Hung & Chee
  3. Kaylynn & Haley (U-Turned Frank & Jerry)
  4. Riley & Maddison
  5. Gary & DeAngelo
  6. Eswar & Aparna
  7. Michelle & Victoria
  8. Leo & Alana
  9. Frank & Jerry

Frank & Jerry have been eliminated from The Amazing Race. Join me right here for my live recap of tonight’s season finale of Big Brother 22!

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