In tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race, the racers will leave Paraguay and head to Paris, France where they will have to make pies and also compete in a series of carnival games. Sounds like another fun hour of The Amazing Race season 32 that you are not going to want to miss! Make sure you refresh this page often for all the details and if you missed last week’s episode of The Amazing Race, make sure you check out our full recap right here!

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We kick off tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race off with Will & James as our first team to depart for Paris. Michelle & Victoria, Alana & Leo, and Riley & Maddison rounding out the top four teams. When they get to Paris, they are all forced to drive standard vehicles, which James & Will apparently can’t do and they are holding back all the teams except for Riley & Maddison who got out before them. Leo gets out of their car and helps to get Will & James out of the way so the other’s can pass. Will is freaking out because he can’t get the car to move. Will realized that he was trying to start in third gear instead of first and they were on their way behind everyone else.

The Roadblock for tonight’s episode involves matching people in a party dressed in costumes. There are nine people at the party that matches nine pictures in the art gallery. They have to find one that matches and get the artist’s name in order to get their next clue. Riley & Maddison are the first team to arrive at this Roadblock and have a pretty good lead on everyone else.

Riley & Maddison are quick to finish this challenge and head to their next challenge where they have to make four cream pies. As Riley & Maddison are leaving, Alana & Leo arrive at the art gallery. Will & James make it to the challenge and Leo & Alana finish shortly after. Will & James are able to finish the challenge rather quickly. Hung & Chee round out the top four teams to finish this challenge.

Riley & Maddison finish their pies and when they bring them to the judge, they are pelted with pies. When they are on their way out, they see a couple of their allies and warn them about having pies thrown at them. Michelle & Victoria finish the art challenge and head to the pie challenge. Aparna & Eswar are still working on that challenge.

Riley & Maddison are now heading to the carnival where they have to win three carnival games in order to get their next clue. Kaylynn & Haley had to complete a speed bump before proceeding to the Roadblock challenge. They got really lost on the way there but finally arrived there after 4 more teams finished the pie challenge. Luckily for them, Aparna is struggling really bad with the art challenge and can’t seem to find anyone that matches one of the paintings in the room.

Aparna does eventually finish this challenge and Kaylynn & Haley finally arrive at the art challenge, but they know that they are the last team. Leo & Alana finish the carnival challenge, Hung & Chee are right behind them. Will & James are working on the carnival challenge while Kaylynn & Haley finish the art challenge. They make it to through the pie challenge and Michelle & Victoria are lost trying to get to the carnival challenge. As the teams finish the carnival challenge, they then start heading to this week’s Pit Stop. Here is the order the teams got to the Pit Stop this week.

  1. Riley & Maddison (They also won a trip to Vietnam)
  2. Hung & Chee
  3. Leo & Alana
  4. Will & James
  5. DeAngelo & Gary
  6. Eswar & Aparna
  7. Kaylynn & Haley
  8. Michelle & Victoria

After getting lost for six hours, Michelle & Victoria were the last team to arrive at the Pit Stop and have been eliminated from The Amazing Race.

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