Tonight on The Amazing Race 32, we will get to watch two back to back episodes and the remaining teams race through Hyderabad, India. They will compete in double the detours, double the roadblocks, and travel twice the distance in the first-ever Mega Leg on Amazing Race. Get all the details of tonight’s first episode of The Amazing Race right here and join in the conversation below!

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Will & James will be the first team to head to Hyderabad, India followed by Riley & Maddison, Hung & Chee, DeAngelo & Gary, Kaylynn & Haley, and Eswar & Aparna. All the teams are going to be on the same flight and once they arrive in India, they all raced to the first clue. They have to do a pollution check on three rickshaws to finish their first task. Riley & Maddison took two of them at once and DeAngelo told them they can’t do that. Lucky for Riley & Maddison, there is nothing that says they can’t do two rickshaws at once.

The first team to finish this task was Eswar & Aparna and they head to tonight’s first Detour Challenge. They can head to India’s number 1 food delivery company where they will deliver food or they will have to use binary code to solve a puzzle. DeAngelo & Gary, Chee & Hung, and Will & James all finish shortly after Eswar & Aparna, and they all head to their Detour challenge. Eswar & Aparna are software engineers and deal with code every day, but this challenge proves to be more difficult than they thought it would be.

Meanwhile, Riley & Maddison finish up at the rickshaw challenge and they tell us that they are not happy with DeAngelo & Gary because they are always taking advice from people in their alliance, but never offering anything to help any of their allies. Sounds like there is trouble in paradise for the alliance. With only six teams left, it was only a matter of time before the five-team alliance started to turn on each other. I also want to point out that Kaylynn & Haley are lost again.

Will & James are the first team to get through the Detour and they find out that they are now going to head to the next challenge where they will have a chance to Yield someone. James & Will decide that they will be using their Yield on Kaylynn & Haley in order to keep themselves close to their alliance. They then find out that in the first Roadblock of the night, they will be looking for three unique turbans using a digital program and then find the people outside that are wearing the turbans.

Chee & Hung are having a hard time with their Detour Challenge and decide they are going to switch challenges. Meanwhile, DeAngelo & Gary, and Eswar & Aparna arrive at the Roadblock. Riley & Maddison have finished their Detour and are heading to the Roadblock meanwhile, Kaylynn & Haley finally get to their Detour challenge after getting lost.

Gary & DeAngelo are the first team to get one of the turbans matched, Riley & Maddison are the second team to get a matched turban. Meanwhile, Hung & Chee are flying through their food delivery challenge, but Kaylynn & Haley are lost again.

Riley & Maddison are the first to finish their Roadblock challenge, Gary & DeAngelo are right behind them and they are heading to their second Detour of the night! James & Will are finished with this Roadblock challenge and head to the next Detour. Hung & Chee finish the Roadblock as Kaylynn & Haley finish delivering food. They head to the Roadblock where they find out that they have been Yielded for 20 minutes.

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