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We start this episode off with Kaylynn & Haley sitting out for the Yield that James & Will hit them with, however, there is still plenty of time for them to catch up with Eswar & Aparna still working on the Roadblock. As soon as Kaylynn & Haley are off their Yield, Eswar & Aparna head to their next challenge. The tough part of the Roadblock for Kaylynn & Haley is that so many people have been placed already, so they have to find pillars that don’t already have someone placed.

In the second Detour of the night, the first task has the teams pushing a chart of bangles through a shopping bazaar and matching seven bangles from the cart to the ones that a bride is wearing. Kaylynn & Haley have finished the Roadblock challenge and are heading to the next Detour of the night. Riley & Maddison have finished their Detour challenge and head to the next Roadblock where they will have their final chance to Yield someone.

We find out that the second task of this Detour has the teams will have to take a mold of someone’s teeth for their dentures and then polish them. Eswar & Aparna and Hung & Chee have decided to do this challenge. Maddison & Riley decide that they are going to use their Yield and they used it on Kaylynn & Haley before heading into their Roadblock.

In this Roadblock, the teams will have to recreate a place setting nine times. DeAngelo & Gary and Will & James are heading to the Roadblock challenge now. Aparna & Eswar have finished their Detour and are heading to the Roadblock and Hung & Chee are right behind them. Kaylynn & Haley have finally gotten to their Detour and decide to mold dentures.

DeAngelo & Gary and Will & James have made it to the Roadblock and start recreating their place settings on the table. The attention to detail during this challenge is especially important. They not only have to have all the utensils in the right order, but they have to be within a certain area of the table. The setups have to be 24 inches wide and 14 inches tall and no more than one finger from the edge of the table. The whole time, Gary is asking Riley for help with the details, but he isn’t telling Gary anything. Riley & Maddison finish the Roadblock and head to the Pit Stop for this leg of the race.

Will & James finish the Roadblock and James gives Hung the details on the spacing and measurements. Gary manages to catch all the details and Gary does manage to finish this challenge. Kaylynn & Haley finish their Detour challenge and head to the Roadblock just to find out that they have been Yielded for 20 minutes again. Meanwhile, Hung & Aparna are still working on their placements inside.

Here is the order the teams arrived at the Pit Stop:

  1. Riley & Maddison (7-day cruise)
  2. Will & James
  3. Gary & DeAngelo
  4. Hung & Chee
  5. Aparna & Eswar
  6. Kaylynn & Haley

Unfortunately, Kaylynn & Haley’s luck has run out and they have been eliminated from The Amazing Race. Now it is time for the Mine Five to start turning on each other!

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