Well, ladies and gentlemen, it is time to find out which of the remaining three teams on The Amazing Race will go on to win the $1 million grand prize. After traveling to 11 countries, 17 cities and traveled more than 33,000 miles, The Amazing Race season 32 ends in New Orleans, Louisiana! Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s The Amazing Race finale and join in the conversation below. If you missed last week’s episode, make sure you get all caught up with my fill recap right here!

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We started tonight’s episode in the French Quarter in New Orleans. Riley & Maddison were the first team to depart, Will & James were second and Hung & Chee were the final team to depart. The teams are heading to Louis Armstong Park for their first clue and when they get there they find out that they have to collect beaded necklaces that are the same color as the Grand Marshal at the Mardi Gras celebration. Will & James get there first and start collecting beads, unfortunately, Riley & Maddison are lost.

Riley & Maddison make it to their float to start catching beads and all three teams are working really hard at getting the right number of the correct beads. Will & James are the first team to collect the correct number of beads and head to their next challenge. In the next challenge, they will have to find little babies inside King Cakes. Hung & Chee head to the Roadblock challenge while Riley & Maddison continue to catch beads.

James & Will get to the Roadblock to find out that they have about a hundred King Cakes to look through, meanwhile, Riley & Maddison are on their way to the Roadblock challenge. Will finds the baby in the King Cake and they then have to eat a half dozen beignets. Will is having a hard time keeping his down and James is having a hard time finishing his. Meanwhile, Chee and Maddison are still looking for the baby in their King Cakes.

Will & James are heading to their next challenge while Chee and Maddison are still looking through their King Cakes. Will & James get to their next Road Block challenge where they will have to swing on a rope that is under a bridge after grabbing their next clue and then hope that they don’t drop it in the Mississippi River. Chee finally found the baby inside his King Cake and he and Hung eat their beignets and head to the next challenge. Maddison is still working hard to find the baby, but Riley isn’t feeling too optimistic about it.

Will & James get their next clue and are now repelling from under the bridge and heading to the next clue. They have to push this giant blue ball to a warehouse. Hung is now jumping to get the clue under the bridge and she manages to get it without dropping it. Meanwhile, Maddison finally found the baby in the King Cakes and they are heading to the bridge.

Will & James made it to the warehouse and they find out that they now have to put together a puzzle on the blue ball they brought to the warehouse. They have to find the chest with the pieces and put them around the ball to make a globe. They start laying the strips down on the ground before applying them to the ball. Hung & Chee are heading to the globe challenge as Riley jumps off the bottom of the bridge for their next clue.

James & Will get their globe put together and put it up onto the float, but when they ask for a check, the judge tells them that their globe needs some work. They fix it and put it back up on the float and get the all clear. They get their final clue and are told that they have to now head to the Superdome for the final Pit Stop of The Amazing Race Season 32.

Hung & Chee get to the warehouse to assemble their globe and Riley & Maddison are on their way there now. Unfortunately for those two teams, Will & James have already made it to the Pit Stop! Will & James are the official winners of The Amazing Race 32.

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