My stomach is turning. I literally feel ill. I was pretty sure that Britney and Monet were spoiled little brats, and I thought that they would be nasty and petty, but now they have made me MAD!!

I LOVE Big Brother. and this season, Big  Brother 2010 is the 12th Season! Obviously, they are doing something right. Right?

If you don’t believe how absolutely, absurdly, juvenile these people can be, See for yourself!  Sign up here for the 24/7 LIVE FEEDS to check out how bad it is going to get in the next few days. PLUS.. It is generally believed that this week will be a……..wait for it…..ENDURANCE comp!!! YAY!!

But Monet and Britney think this is the most “stupid” game they have ever seen. Everyone in the house is “stupid”. Slop is “stupid”.  And, of course, everything and everyone “sucks”.  Um…hello… can they at LEAST think up some other derogatory adjectives, please?

I propose a drinking game.  Everytime one of them said “stupid” take a sip!

These two “ladies” went off in a rant about Kristin and Rachel’s va-ja-jay’s, ok?

They called Kathy the cleaning lady, postulating that she was not a cop at all, but a housekeeper. That Rachel is spreading her legs and STD’s are flying everywhere.

It is usual for people who are down, to talk smack. That is expected, but Good GRIEF! This is worse than Junior High crap!

Let’s at least bring the level of insults up to the High School/Junior college level at the very least. Evel Dick could make your head spin with his insults. They were works of art.

In this post. I will occasionally update with the newest, childish, insults that comes up from these little children.


What do you think?

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