In Big Brother 14 things switch out so quick, you better not blink. In that house, the meek shall rise and the great laid low in a New Yawk minute.



It happened again last night, when the partner-less Shane won HOH and–according to Britney–Wil had tears in his eyes and Janelle’s face went all ‘sour-puss.’

As well it should. Britney and Shane know that Janelle abandoned them, the second they were no longer in power last week. And though Frank put Shane up last week, with the tentative F2 deal between the two–, it’s more than likely we’ll see Janelle’s team targeted this week.

With Dan and Danielle on board, Team Brit talked over their options last night, with the general consensus being to put up one from each of the opposing teams and let Boogie and Jani tear each other to ribbons.

The other big news of the night, of course, is the “option” CBS gave America.  Option, shmoption. We all know production wants to bring in the coaches. It’ll happen, folks. But do you want it? Do you want to give these Vets a chance to play against the Newbies? The irony is that is was this exact factor that began Willie-gate.


Stay tight to those FEEDS this week! If you want to give the FREE TRIAL a shot!! Sign up HERE with us!! It’s gonna be PHENOMENAL this week as the all-powerful Jani and Boogie scramble for the first time in the game.

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