Wow… That’s the only word that comes to mind regarding the events of the last few hours in the Big Brother 2011 House…wow.

It was the agony and the ecstasy for the all the HG’s last night. Each and every one of them rollercoastered from the highest highs to the lowest lows. No scripted show could have been infused with more drama.

There were more priceless moments than we sometimes witness in a whole season. First off, was the look on Lawon’s face when the vote came out 6-0 against him. Then Rachel’s open-mouth stupor when she realized an evicted HG would be battling the zany madman in an attempt to get back in the house. Just knowing her Bookie was on the other side of that wall rendered her..for once..speechless.

The next moment…Lawon again. The poor guy looked as if he’d been poleaxed at the end of the competition. (wonder if he felt a cold shiver as the ghost of Marcellas brushed against the back of his neck?)  At the same moment, a reunion was taking place; the two lovers fused in a big ole whirl of sweaty Brenchel love.

Then came the celebrations for the Duo side.

Jeff and Jordan were genuinely thrilled to see the big target make his way back into the house. And Shelly and Adam at least acted happy about it, though later in the evening their faces showed some signs of regret. As for the newly-reunited couple, you couldn’t scrape Rachel away from Brendon’s side with a Rachel-sized spatula.

On the other side of the house we had possibly the number one, most priceless moment of the season. The look of absolute fury on Daniele’s face.

Dani's cold fury

And then…..the HOH comp hit, and it all came crashing down for that side.

That’s right folks. To risk quoting a cliche–expect the unexpected. Though it’s not really unexpected. It’s what always happens in a exciting, game-filled Big Brother season. The person who is seemingly on the bottom rises from the ashes–pheonix-like– to the top. Daniele won HOH. Twist-shmist…

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And now??? Well, we’re back where we started two weeks ago. What have we lost, you ask?  Lawon. So it seems to me we have a no harm, no foul situation. Daniele will most likely get out one of the big four this week. However, did she make yet another critical mistake?  The HOH comp came down to her and Porshe. She could’ve thrown the comp to Porshe–control her noms–and left herself available to play in the next HOH.  (Which, historically SHOULD be an endurance.)  Don’t know if she was still thrown by the fact that they got played by Shelly into evicted one of her own alliance, or the Brendon factor weighed heavily into it or what? But it might be her worst mistake yet. And talking to Kalia later in the night… I think she realized it..

Still, for now the Dani-ites are  celebrating . Ugh…

Hard to say what Daniele will do. She’s made a hard F3 deal with Porshe and Kalia and there’s talk of a possible “deal” with Brenchel. Rachel’s already tried to blather to Brendon about her hearing of a F3 deal between Shelly and JeJo (true, btw), but he poo-poo’d that… Oh–and Shelly’s been exposed, the trite trio know now that they’ve been had by the house mom and I fully expect fireworks to fly tomorrow as they confront her with her lies to them. Porshe is pushing hard for Shelly to go up, but I think Dani will go after the big fish again.. Jeff and Brendon.

So–expect this week to be the end of one of the power couples for good, unless some Big Brother 2011 miracle occurs. All you JeJo fans better pray to the production gods that Jeff (or better yet, Jordan) wins POV.

HOH is a dominant, if uncomfortable, place to sit in the BB house, it’s true. But the real power lies in the hands of whoever wins POV.

Hang on to your hats, guys. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride….




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