Today’s one of the biggest days in Big Brother 14!

The outcome of the POV today will likely set the tone for how the rest of the game will play out.

With the Golden POV in play, the  *sigh* Quack Pack had launched a plan to save all it’s members.

It goes a little something like this:

If Dani, Shane or Brit win the POV, they use it to save Dani, then they want Ian to use his power to save Dan. Frank would then have two empty block spots to fill, which he’s have no choice but to put up whichever member (Brit or Shane) didn’t win–and either Joe or Jenn. THEN the QP would have to votes to oust either Jenn or Joe. Which would be a wasted HOH for Frank.

The HG’s believe today’s comp will be the notorious “How Bad Do You Want It” comp. So who will end up shaving their head? Who will agree to be on slop the rest of the season? You remember the infamous comp where Brendan had to be chained to Brit, and take baths in the nasty concoction every hour for 24 hours????

But that comp CAN be brutal. Can you imagine Dani agreeing to shave her head??

There happens to be a TINY kink in that plan, however. IAN may not use the power. Last night he told Shane….I’ve already given Dan the Moon, now he wants the stars, too.

Brit and a few of the others have been floating the idea that maybe it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for Dan to go.

The too dense for words Danielle isn’t worried. Last night she said she’s KNOWS Dan would save HER if he won. THIS after Dan told her she really, REALLY needs to win. Even with him saying that—she didn’t get it. Dan ain’t saving nobody but Dan. Also, apparently Dani was outed by Boogie before he left, and Ian later that she’s not a kindergarten teacher–but *gasp* a nurse. Later, she told Dan “I just hate people knowing how smart I am. Yes, I have a couple of degrees and I’m in Medical School.” Folks, we looked it up. Danielle is an LPN. An honorable profession. But NOT a Med Student. *shudder*

And where’s Frank in all of this?? The guy had absolutely NO ONE in this game. He is utterly alone, with absolutely NO ONE to trust. I can’t imagine how that feels.




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