I don’t even know where to begin, folks. I’m speechless. I am without speech over the events that took place in the Big Brother 14 house last night.

But uh…Here’s a little preview for ya….

The last few hours was a night of unprecedented gaming, scheming and twists that set my mind to reeling. It’s almost too much to explain, but for my own sanity, I have to try…Here goes…

When Dan was let out of the “Party Room” he acted (in an Academy-Worthy Performance) as if something was seriously wrong with him. No one knew if he was sick, having a mental break or what.) But WE knew. Cause as soon as Dan was alone, he mouthed to the camera. “I’m fine”

I’d talk more about that-but there’s not time, because of all the rest of the UNBELIEVABLE events! I’m going to try to encapsulate them in order. But to get the TRUE measure of the magnitude of the events, you’ll HAVE to watch the various FLASHBACKS on the LIVE FEEDS. And I’m telling you guys…This is BEYOND monumental. So, if you don’t have them yet…Even if it’s only four weeks till the end… Just get em. Trust me..It’s TOTALLY worth it.

  • Dan calls a house meeting. Calls it his BB Funeral. Says lots of nice things about each HG. Till he comes to Danielle. To Danielle he says…”You know what you did, and you are now dead to me in this game.” FLASHBACK 8:06pmBBT
  • Danielle–dumbfounded–begins bawling. After Dan leaves, the other HG’s try to console her. To tell her Dan’s lost it, and is just trying to discredit her.
  • Meanwhile, Dan goes up to HOH and TOTALLY spills the beans on how Ian’s been the rat this whole time. I mean to tell ya, Dan tells Frank EVERYTHING. And in the end, Dan and Frank cut a F2 deal!!! That’s right. FINAL 2! FLASHBACK 8:37 BBT
  • THEN Dan goes down and fills Dani in on the plan. Tells her Jenn’s gonna take him–Dan–off the block, after Ian DOESN’T use the GPOV, then Frank will put up Britney. Then F/J/D/D will roll together. HE tells Dani that though they’re working with Frank, SHE’s his true F2. FB-9:07BBT
Now, the question is–if they pull this off–who DOES Dan plan to take to F2? Of course, his best bet to WIN is against Dani, but I think Dan’s just trying to get past this week. And dude…if he pulls this off….My GOD, what flipping gameplay. Is it treachery at it’s most base level? Of course. Is it the most unbelievably sneaky, snaky, unethical move ever? Absolutely. But, I mean….WOW.
So–today’s VETO MEETING @ 11am BBT is going to set the house on fire, and it’s going to shock the living CRAP out of the house. I….CANNOT…WAIT!!




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