YO!!! What’s going on people? It’s week 2 in the Big Brother 2010 house! I just want to make it very clear that I am not Janet. My name is Parker, I am her son. Now I, unlike my mother, am not all for the ooey gooey goody two-shoes people. Give me the rotten nasty dirty low-down scoundrels anyday….So in these posts you are gonna see a little bit more of a darker side of the big brother fans. So get ready for the LIES and DECEPTION and sit back and watch those Villains work their magic.

I call this one...his thinking face

So I’m sure you are all wondering, “Well Gee Parker, who are the villains in this house?” Well if you are wondering that…I suggest you go and get those LIVE FEEDS!!! It’s pretty easy to tell who is playin for keeps. First of all I want to give a shout out to Matt…totally playing the sympathy card with that disease thing…what was it called??? And those IDIOTS bought it (nixing Andrew of course)!! I don’t know if you guys knew this or not but in the Big Brother House….sympathy=votes…you aren’t gonna vote out somebody who is just trying to save his wifes leg….HA! Genius. Although he probably shouldn’t have told that many people…rumors spread…I would’ve just told a few simple minded people (hello Ragan and Brachel) and let them tell others…but how could have he known that Andrew was really a doctor….

What's he playing at??

Speaking of Dr. Social Skills…what’s his game? I don’t know if he’s a devious mastermind who is playing the house….or a crazy moron who can’t keep his reactions at bay…I am of course talking about when he freaked out that Rachel won HOH…who ever said he was safe? There is no alliance there that I know of…Yet he did offer himself as a pawn…and even though Rachel chose Matt over him…That could be good in his long game…I don’t know about him yet…

I also want to address the showmances…all I can say about Brendan and Rachel is GROSS….They have known each other a total of 2 weeks and they are already rounding 3rd base…ugh…It would be better for their game if they were doing a little more strategizing and a little less fondling….Also Brendan is a wuss….I’m not going to comment on Kristen and Hayden because I honestly forget they are actually in the game….that could be good or bad…haven’t decided yet…

Hey Brendan...your ovaries are showing...

Go Team Villain!

Also…Monet is leaving…and good riddance…crybaby..also what kind of name is Monet?

lets cry some more shall we?

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