So… I guess being the self-proclaimed “pretty one” really does pay off in Big Brother 2011.

Porshe isn’t the first person to “sleep her way to the top,” but she might be the first BB HG to preen and simper her way to the Final Three, while never leaving a horizontal position. Though now that I think about it, hmmm.. that IS the way people sleep their way to the top–horizontally.

That’s my way of telling you that Porshe won last night’s final POV, cementing her place in F3.

Porshe made it clear last night that she would evict Jordan in tonight’s second-to-last show, leaving Rachel the only one left standing of the once-mighty Vet alliance.

Jordan’s taking it with grace, having said earlier she’d rather go out fourth than third.

So.. thus ends the Jorchel alliance and begins the (slightly limp) era of Radamorshe. See, it even tastes bad, huh?

Tonight’s upcoming endurance comp should ┬ábe a lock for the redeemed red-head, and I–for one–will send her all the good Bookie vibes I can. It’s hard for me to stomach the fact that Porshe–the ham sandwich of the Big Brother 2011 house–actually made it. I would’ve given Mr. Quackers better odds.

However, to give credit where it’s due.. Porshe did step up and win comps when it counted, which Jordan did not.. Jeff told Jordan she had to step it up to stay in the game, and she didn’t. At this point in the game, it’s win…or go home.. Porshe won, and she’s still there.

But it is what it is.. So.. GO RACHEL! Hang, Swing, Balance or Rock and Roll your way to the win tonight,girl.

Keep an eye out on the LIVE FEEDS tonight, to watch the last endurance comp of the season and witness the first winner of the Three-Part F3 comp.



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