Just like we thought— there was a HUGE surprise in store for a couple of unsuspecting Big Brother 14 HG’s.

Jump on the LIVE FEEDS to see the Fallout from Shane’s decision!

That’s right– Shane succumbed to the wiles of Janelle’s crew and ended up taking Ashley down, replacing him with Frank.

Janelle, of course, is thrilled to death– cause not only does she save one of her peeps– but she also got to burn her (sometimes) arch-nemesis, Boogie.  Boogie didn’t really give them the reaction they were hoping for– and maintained a cool head, instead of giving them the blow-up they were hoping for.

With Danielle as the tie-breaker, expect her to get LOTS of attention and courting this week, (which she will eat-up, btw).  Boogie’s already started working on Dan. Wonder if it’ll stick..


STAY TUNED– for the ramifications— Cause it’s MAJOR!   And will have long-reaching consequences,especially with the possible (shyah-right..you can bet on it–it’s happening) Entry of the Coaches into the game.



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