The paranoia has set in well and good in the Big Brother 2010 House. Everyone suspects everyone else. No one yet knows who the saboteur is, including us.

You gotta see these people and their psychosis setting in, on the 24/7 Live, Uncensored Feeds.

**I will be continually updating as the day goes on. Stay with us!

Here is a little something you menfolk are missing.

for the fellas

What do ya’ll think??

**Spoiler Alert**

And a little something for us gals.


My thoughts on it are this: In the words of the immortal Dwight Schrute,

“It’s never the person you most suspect. (Andrew/Brendan?) It’s never the person you least suspect. (Lane/Hayden?) It’s always the person you most medium suspect. (Matt/ Annie?).

It was nearly a sure thing for Brendan to go home, and then, surprise, surprise.. He won the POV! That shook things up and all of a sudden…Everyone is Brendans BFF.. Brendan does not want to lose his smoochie-face partner, so now-what to do, what to do?

Rachel dishes about first kiss with Brendan

The “girl drama” heated up last night with Britney talking smack about several of the other girls. I said earlier that I have never heard her say anything positive about anyone, and last night was no exception. She not only trashed Annie (which has become something of a pasttime for her, she also talked about how Kristen was “not pretty, and had a bad boob job”.  This girl is not the little Pollyanna she looks like.

Brit talks trash

Enzo is swiftly becoming the “Russell” of this season with his rampant paranoia. He has decided that Annie is an actress, and is pushing hard for her to be the replacement.

And speaking of the all-important replacement. It looks as if right now, it is likely to be either Kathy as a pawn, against Rachel, or… Annie to go home.

Brendan comforts Annie after she hears she's a target

All depends on this morning, before Hayden is called on to make his decision. These people are, as most BB contestants over the years have been, wishy-washy.

hayden has to make the hard call

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****UPDATE- After watching the Flashback from last night, I am absolutely appalled. If you have seen the movie “Mean Girls” you haven’t seen anything. Britney is a Mean Girl 5.0! She spent literally hours trashing every girl in the house, except Monet who was her little follower. I would put money on the fact that she was the queen of mean in her little high school and the bane of any girl in that school who didn’t fit into her little crew. And, I really want to take the high road, so I’m not say it…THE EYE.. oops, I did.. sorry..

*Addendum: My son just pointed out, and in the interest of fairness I am including it here, that the only thing that would make Britney’s trash-talking ok, is if she is, in fact, the saboteur. I personally don’t think this is the case, but trying to give the benefit of the doubt.

mean girls

Mean girls 2

***UPDATE– The HG’s just got a message from the saboteur who claimed that two of the people in the house are life-long friends.  Apparently, Andrew flipped out- saying it proved it couldn’t be him, since  no one likes him– no one understood him, or his Judiasm.  The other HG’s teased him later about it, and he calmed down. All the HG’s are even more paranoid than ever..

Who do you think are “lifelong” friends in the house?

who knows who here?

The love story continues…

Bren and Rach (Brachel?) snuggle

**UPDATE-^:13 BBT- Kristen ran up to Hayden’s HOH room. Hayden said, “We have a problem. Andrew just told me that everyone here went on the same vacation but me and you, and everyone knows it. what are we going to do?” Then the feeds cut.  Then they came back, and Hay said, “Maybe we should just come out with it.” Kristen said.. Feeds cut. when they came back, he asked, “Do you think we should just talk to Andrew?” She says yes.

Now she says “That is just bad luck, but do you have any idea who the two people are?” So that blows my “Hayden and Kristen are brother/sister.”  DANG!

**I watched the CBS blackout scene in slo-mo, at the suggestion of J on the comments section. (Thanks J)

On the left couch was Rachel, Hayden,Enzo.

On the right couch was Britney, Matt, Ragan, Andrew.

On the floor was Annie, and in the blue chairs were Lane and Brendan.

Brendan got up, as we know, and Matt took his seat in the blue chair. He and Andrew were both seen in the BR.

The only people who I never saw, until the lights came back up were Kathy and Monet. Kathy on the end of the left couch, and Monet on the floor.


1:43 PM BBT Message from the Saboteur: “2 people were lifelong friends or have a previous BB alliance.”

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