OK– You ready for it??? Guess who won Part 2 of the the Final Big Brother 14 HOH?????

Well it wasn’t “this guy.”

Sorry, I couldn’t resist–especially since Danielle was SO cocky about her “photographic memory” and the fact that she told Dan that” “it’s not that I’m worried about beating Ian in Part Two–I know I will– it’s that I’m worried about what you/Dan will do after I beat Ian.”

Well, nope! Sorry Toots. In Part Two of the Final HOH-which was (once again-and finally) NOT FACE MORPH , your real winner is……

That’s right, gang… IAN won Part Two of the final HOH!!  Which means he’ll face off against Dan on finale night…You can now unclench JUST a bit–at least till Wed. night. Ian’s already made it clear that he will take Dan, as he is certain the Jury hates Dan, and he is unsure if he could beat Danielle, since she’s so “loved.”


Here’s a description of the comp from Jokers…39 license plates, all black. 13 of the plates were real houseguests, the rest were bogus character tiles. You had to find the HG tiles (scrubbing off the soot) and put them in order. The tiles were placed on ledges and you had to climb between levels on ladders steps


You know Dan is going to try to work his magic. Gonna try to convince Ian to “throw” Part Three, so that Dan will be the one to “Cut” Dani. But let’s hope wee Ian is savvy enough to buy some anti-Mist spray, and refuse.

Though on the other hand…Dan acted thrilled for Ian, and whispered to himself that maybe he’ll just throw the final HOH to Ian, thereby leaving none of Dani’s blood on his own hands. In the meantime, Danielle sobbed her way through the house.

So–to the excitement of nearly everyone watching the show–the chances of a Dan/Ian F2 just went WAAAYYY up, and America can give a collective sigh of relief…

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In the meantime…Keep your positive thoughts focused on this image. Next up, we’ll talk about Jury Votes..


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