Well, we did it, my dahlings!!!!

I don’t mean Ian winning Big Brother 14.. Although I know that most of us are just thrilled about that! Of the two, Dan and Ian–though Dan played a phenomenal game in some ways–It just goes to show you can’t treat people the way Dan did, and expect to be rewarded. Sure, he won $50,000.. I mean, that is an amount of money that none of us would sneeze at. Still, I think in Dan’s eyes…It’s a loss. He wanted to win. Period. End of Story. And now– he’s going to have to deal with the fallout that’s sure to follow.

I’m not one of those people who thinks the game should follow people into their lives. It’s a GAME, people. And it’s over. And…..in the end, evil….Even Evil GENIUS…did not win out. Let’s let go of the anger and disgust. The man will have enough of that, and he did make this season a heck of a lot of fun to watch. You gotta give him that.

So—CONGRATULATIONS IAN!!!! You’ve come a long way, baby!!

Our wee Ian started out like this…a kid.

and ended up like this, a handsome young man.

I’m happy for the little guy and wish him all the luck in the world! GO IAN!!!

PS- It was pretty clear who was gonna win, since every time Julie started to pull a vote for Ian, you could see Britney and Shane cheering in the background. Poor Dan only got one…Danielle’s… Awww…

BUT—when I said we did it.. I meant… OUR FRANK WON AMERICA’S FAVORITE!!!

Say what you will, but I know.. I KNOW…we all had something to do with that!! Lots of other websites couldn’t stand Frank. And if a commenter dared post a pro-Frank comment–they were lambasted. But not us, guys.. we saw the merit in his play. We agonized for him. And it looks like so did a lot of other folks. So let’s give our guy a final ovation..


It was a fantastic Finale, wasn’t it? There were so many great parts, I have a hard time choosing my favorite. I GUESS if I’m pressed, I’d have to pick the moment where we got to see the look on Danielle’s face when Ian revealed that Dan had given Ian his grandfather’s gold necklace as collateral he’d take him to Final 2. That. Was. Priceless.

Don’t have a pic of it yet- but it looked a little something like this…


So.. For the last and final time this season, I want to say THANK YOU!!!!!! To the best, the coolest, the sharpest, most astute, rocking, KICK-ASS Big Brother Fans in the GALAXY!!! The Bigbigbrother.com Readers!!! You Guys ARE my Big Brother and I can’t wait to hang out with you next year!

For now- let’s eavesdrop on our families-(and see if they still remember us.. ) I hate to say goodbye, so I will only say… FAREWELL!!


PS– Here’s MY dream-team for All-Stars!

(And shhh- just from the interview Jeff did with Frank–it sounded like it wouldn’t be comPLETEly out of the range of possibility…Hmmm…)

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