Last night on Celebrity Big Brother 3 we watched as the celebrities entered the house, one by one, and got to know each other for a short time. After a small celebration, Julie Chen-Moonves came on the screen in the living room and warned the Celebrity Big Brother houseguests that this season, like other celebrity editions, will be played at super speed. After that, she calls all the houseguests out to the backyard where they competed in the first Head of Household competition. Keep reading to find out what we can expect from tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother 2022!

Tonight on Celebrity Big Brother, we will watch as a twist is unleashed on the house. Now that Miesha Tate has been crowned the first Head of Household, will it be flipped upside down? The HGs were told last night that the twist is inside the Gala Gift that was part of the HOH Competition setup. Julie also told the HGs that this twist will be a blessing for one HG but a curse for another.

After the twist is revealed, we will watch as the HOH, presumably Miesha, chooses their nominations for this round. Who will be put on the chopping block and be in danger of being the first HG voted out of the Celebrity Big Brother house? Come back tonight for my live recap starting at 9 PM EST to find out all the details!

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