Last week on Survivor season 40, we watched as two castaways were sent over the Edge of Extinction. One of the moves made last week might go down in history as one of the best moves in the game. If you missed last week’s episode of Survivor: Winners at War, you can get all the details from my full recap right here! Keep reading to get a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below.

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Last week we watched as Yara took the win at the Immunity Challenge, sending Sele and Dakal to Tribal Council. Each of the tribes had to send one of their own to EOE. The first Tribal Council was for Sele who decided that Parvati needed to go to the EOE. The second Tribal Council was for Dakal which was a little more memorable.

Earlier in the episode, we watched as Sandra offered to sell her Immunity Idol to Denise because she was in danger of being voted off. Denise told her that she would give her one fire token before the TC and one after she knew the idol was real. Sandra agreed to these terms and gave Denise her idol which Denise used on herself at the TC. Denise then used the Idol that she already had on Jeremy to make sure that he was safe. Everyone voted for Denise leaving Denise the sole deciding vote. Denise decided to vote out Sandra!

This week we will watch as the tribes go through another rigorous Immunity Challenge. Which tribes will come out on top? Check out a sneak peek of tonight’s Immunity Challenge below!


What do you think? Who do you hope wins tonight’s challenge? Make sure you come back tonight to find out which tribe will win Immunity and which castaway will be heading to EOE this week with our live recap!

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