No– It’s not the Big Brother 14 version of OTEV. Today I wanted to talk about Totem Poles, and each player’s place in them.

Ashley broke down last night, and questioned her vote to evict Kara. Sick at heart, she decided she was tired of being a part of Janelle’s dirty play.  Whereas Boogie is proud of his own jerk-dom, and puts it all out there for everyone to see…Jani’s angelic image on the network is a fallacy. Last night, the trashing people behind their backs, the ugly schemes (such as Janelle giving orders to her team to “buddy-up” to Jojo JUST to be able to watch her face when they cut the legs out from under her on eviction night) finally got to the kind and caring Ashley.


Ashley told Shane and Jojo (and Danielle, afterward) that she’s just not that kind of person, and it sickens her to see that kind of behaviour, when it’s just not necessary.

Well Ashley, welcome to Big Brother. In a house where there is absolutely nothing to do but scam and scheme, trash talk and criticize…it’s par for the course.

After Ashley showed some emotion and remorse, she was grilled by Janelle and Wil up in the HOH room. It was at this point that she realized her ultimate place on her coach’s totem pole.

And it’s true. Each player has been scrutinized, judged and placed in a very specific slot on each coach’s roster. Though some players do their best to suck-up to their coaches, running around begging for attention and tattling on the others. (Look familiar, Joe?)

Others realize where they stand in their coach’s line of fire, and are sick of being thought of as expendable.

Each team member is ranked by their respective coaches:

BRITNEY: 1.) Shane 2.) Jojo

BOOGIE:  1.) Frank 2.) Ian 3.) Jenn

JANELLE: 1.) Wil 2.) Ashley 3.) Joe (which is funny, as Ash THINKS she’s #3 and Joe THINKS he’s #1.

And then there’s poor Dan (who’s actually playing it very well) with his short, little totem of Danielle.

Keep a sharp eye out on your LIVE FEEDS, however. If you know this game at all, you know that the weeks until eviction don’t add up. The powers that be in Big Brother 14 have something up their sleeve. Because as it stands, they need more people in the game for it to finish out as scheduled.

WHAT DO YOU THINK WILL HAPPEN? Will the coaches be brought into the game? Will they bring someone back?

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