Well gang, even robots aren’t infallible.

Yes, that’s right. Our own darling Chenbot- the lovely Julie Chen- misspoke when she announced the premiere date for Big Brother 2011 was going to be Wednesday July 6th.

The New Premiere date is……. Thursday, July 7th 9/8 Central.

We have to forgive her, though. She’s our window to the inside, especially for all you CBS-only fans.

If you’re a FAN-atic, though, there is no other way to get all the nitty-gritty goings on in the BB house, than to sign up for the feeds. I cannot WAIT!!

My very favorite thing is when the competitions are still going all hot and heavy on the show, and THEN they have the audacity tell you you’ll have to wait till the next show to see who wins..ARGHH!

That used to eat me up, but now.. I just connect my computer to my TV screen and….VOILA!   (I’ll admit a little something to you guys.  My family goes on a little hiatus from the outside world—other than work– when it’s Big Brother Season. )

Watching CBS only vs. having the live feeds is like choosing between attending your little county fair or going to Disneyworld. Sure, both have fun rides and games, but come ON!!

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