BUSTED!  Enzo, tucked back into a corner last night, is seen pulling something out of his penguin costume and eating it..  Hmmm.. Does BB truly see all??


UPDATE-  And THIS is why I can’t stand Ragan. A Hypocrite is just the worst to me….  He continually trashes Brendan for mentioning Rachel. and here he is last night…

(Thank you Jokers..)

BBT 3:05 AM–

Ragan & Matt head towards bed. They stop to look at the memory wall pictures. – kalicush
Matt doesn’t think they touched up the pictures but Ragan says they touched up his picture a little! Ragan says Rachel’s pores are like the opposite of a Noxzema commercial.

Matt and Ragan are in the Taj. Ragan is whispering about Chima obstructing the camera in that room. “She makes more and more sense to me everyday”

The faces of Ragan-

Condescending Lecturer

Professor Pouty Pants

Petty Little Meanie

Just when I think, OK. Maybe he’s all right. I started to feel a little sorry for him for how he will take it when he finds out that Matt is lying about the sick wife thing.. He pulls out an unnecessary bitchy comment like that one, and I’m done again….

Updating this post, not too much going on in the Big Brother 2010 house, on the LIVE FEEDS. But, I’m gonna mention them again, cause this Thursday… After the double eviction, historically, we should have a massive Endurance Comp! So, Sign up here and ride out the rest of the season with us Live Feeders!

UPDATE- Love heals all.  The odd “bro-mance? sho-mance?” Whatever it is between Matt and Ragan, must be stronger than the Big Brother game, because even after learning that Matt threw him under the bus, the two spent long hours together re-connecting. Seems all is forgiven. aww..

Matt is pushing the sick wifey as hard as he can, but won’t do much good. I don’t believe he will out the Brigade, because at this point, why would he?  Vote-wise, Hayden, and Lane will vote for Enzo and he knows that. Ragan will likely still vote for him, spat or not. And that leaves Brendan. The one and only shot that Matt has to stay in the game, is to recruit Brendan’s vote. So…..

Otherwise, very little happened in the house. Brit, mocking Natalie, BB11, made a tinfoil crown, and played around the BY. Hayden played cowboy with a rope, and broke a vase, and Matt and Enzo played with themselves.

Thanks, Hamster Watch

And, strictly for your enjoyment!!

The Veto Ceremony in the Big Brother 2010 house is done and there are a couple of people really upset. It is getting down to the nitty-gritty now, and with the Double Eviction this week, things are sure heating up. There has been a lot of complaining (I have been guilty of it myself) about how boring this season is. However, it just keeps surprising me, with people who have their back against the wall pulling it out at the last minute..  Seems as if, from a rather pedestrian beginning, we are winding up for a fantastic finish!

Now– on to the BIG NEWS!

Brendan used the POV , naturally, and Britney put up Matt.

Britney told Ragan afterward that Matt had been throwing Ragan under the bus to everyone and Ragan is deeply hurt and upset that his BFF would do that to him. Ragan wants to call him out. Wait till Ragan finds out he lied about his wife..

UPDATE: Matt walked into the kitchen where Prof. Pouty was studying the wall of faces, and when Matt asked him what was wrong, he gave him a clipped ‘nothin’.  Every person who had ever been in a relationship knows that nothin’ …

Ragan just gave a little speech to the rest of the HG’s that he had several “conversations” that made it seem as if he was “hard core” campaigning to keep Matt, and that thereby it was misconstrued, so wherefore… There was a few comments and mostly awkward silences, before he went back into the house, and Matt cringed as his game is slowly going down the tubes.  I think Enzo said it best  when he told Matt: “I think he’s in love with you, dude.”

Sign up for the LIVE FEEDS for the end run to the finale– We are sure to have a lollapalooza of a Double Eviction, ending with a Big Time Endurance Comp!!!  And STAY TUNED for the explosions that are sure to follow  todays POV Ceremony..

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