BIG Veto Ceremony Today in Big Brother 2010 House!

After a 24 hour period handcuffed to Brendan while he took his hourly chum baths, they were finally released. Watch the LIVE FEEDS and use the FLASHBACK feature- pretty funny, and even Britney said what a gentleman Brendan was during the whole ordeal- although Ragan trashed him, even about that.

Everyone began going to Britney, pleaded their various cases on whom to put on the block, when Brendan uses the Veto to save himself today. Matt also continually plays his (false) sympathy card, tugging on their heartstrings about his wife’s (again-fake) illness.

Professor Pouty Pants spent hours with Brit, pleading-not his own case, but Matt’s. Matt, on the other hand, tried to lead her to put up either Hayden or his BFF Ragan.

Ragan believes that Matt walks on water, would take a bullet for him, all the while Matt is aiming the gun, that hold that bullet right at Ragan.

The Brigade, to a man, is working to convince her that Matt is the  best bet to put up against Enzo.

Today is Brit’s 23rd birthday and Matt (sucking up, perhaps?) made her a cake.

thanks to bigbrotherleak

Britney is torn, scared of what will happen if Brendan wins the HOH in the upcoming, Thursday night DOUBLE EVICTION! It is sure to be an interesting show!

What will happen today? Sign up for the last, sweet deal for the 24/7 LIVE FEEDS!  and STAY TUNED for results of the POV ceremony!

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