It’s official. War has been declared in the Big Brother 2011 House.

It’s not the battle we expected. Everyone assumed it would be Brenchel vs JeJo. We all know that will happen eventually, but for now, the couples (especially Brendon and Jeff) are tight as ticks. Rachel (as usual) is the weakest link, even telling Dom and Dani that she really wants to keep him and that it’s Jeff who is deciding Dom’s fate.

Basically, it boils down to this… Dani got busted. She came up with her big, game-changing plan to evict “America’s Favorite.”  Again, Brendon (I’m more and more impressed with his ability to see this clearly, keeping Rachel and even Jeff’s temper in check) said it best. She sees JeJo as the “Heroes” and herself and Brenchel as “Villains.” So, she decided to try to get rid of him. It backfired on her big–BIG time!! Now, she’s target #1 in the Vets view. And she’s crapping her pants.

Dom went up to HOH where the Vets basically told him he was done. Finito.. So.. he spilled all the beans on Daniele and her plans. He claimed he had no part in the sinister plot, and he couldn’t control Daniele. Jeff told him plainly that he was “Guilty by Backdoor Association” and that he should be mad at her-Daniele-not them. “It’s her fault you’re going home. not ours.”

The Vets told Dom that they just wanted Daniele to admit it was HER plan to backdoor Jeff- and that she wouldn’t and will NEVER admit it. Later, Dom told Dani that the Vets said she made the worst move in Big Brother history. And if they kept him, they’d be making the second biggest mistake.. That pissed Dani off to NO end… So… Bye bye Dommy baby..

Dom also outed Kalia’s involvement–which surprised them somewhat–since Kalia is supposed to be buddies with Jordan. Later, when Kalia was–once again –crying, Shelly told her that Kalia’s listening to the wrong people.

Adam, Porshe, Shelly and Lawon are lying low in the Big Brother 2011 house, while the arrows fly overhead.  Adam has the most to gain if he stays below the radar…If he just keeps his mouth shut..He gets to stay. It’s a no-brainer

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