We have wrapped up another season of Big Brother 2015 and this one was a rough one. While I enjoyed the season and thought the ending was amazing last night, it was a rough one to cover. Fans were not happy and the comments seemed to be even worse for Big Brother 17. Either way, thanks for following along!

Thank You

We have a nice little community here on Big Big Brother and it has made it easier, at times, to cover. I appreciate all of the comments and following along all season long. A big thank you to everyone that purchased the Live Feeds and helped support the site even more. I know some of you weren’t able to purchase the feeds because of living in Canada, but I know you would have if given the opportunity.

We know that Big Brother was renewed for next summer already, as CBS gave them two more years last summer, so we will be back for Big Brother 18! At this point, I am drained and over Big Brother and not sure if I will be back. For a season that I really liked, it was difficult to constantly read negative comments. It is a 7-day-a-week job and the comments can wear a person down. I probably just need a break from the madness, so we shall see….you’ll probably have me back again next summer!

For those wanting to keep up with me and my never-ending writing, you can find me on Reality Rewind covering different reality shows, like Survivor and The Amazing Race, and I also own the site Gossip & Gab, so look for my articles there under Gossip & Gab as the author and we cover everything from reality TV to scripted shows, like Castle, The Walking Dead, Grey’s Anatomy and so on.

Again, thanks for following along this season and for all your comments (the positive ones mainly). Now, for a much needed break and nap!

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