Well, well, well.. Who says Karma doesn’t bite you in the azz??

I tried and tried to dreg up some sympathy for Britney. She got played and as a woman, I would normally have hated that. I got SO mad when the boys played Keisha that way in BB10.  But…. for Brit, I just can’t do it. She was just too ugly to too many people,  beginning waaaayyy back when she and Money sat outside laying out and talking nasty trash on every person in the house.. I just can’t, ya’ll..

Interesting too, that she shouted out to everyone except her fiancée?  Hmmm…  what does that  mean?

In any case. She’s gone and the Brigade did what they set out to do. They ran the votes, and got to F3—  I love the jungle comp and I DO hope we see that they hung in there like champs, not chumps…

Looks like the feeds will not be up for some time, so I will post in the  very early am, on who won the first part of the HOH.

Night, guys! 🙂

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