Week Three Live Show in Big Brother 2010!  SPOILER!  SEE Endurance Comp Pics Below!! I will update periodically.

Get the LIVE FEEDS here for only pennies a day!! See this comp for yourself!! Gonna be a WILD night!!

Boohoohoo! Watching Britney and Monet crying just makes smile a little bit. It kills me to hear them just absolutely SLAM people, then play the poor pitiful me, party.

Thank the Big Brother GODS, at least half of the terrible two is gone! Who will Britney share her vapid, juvenile insults with?

Wow! That is awesome! Love it that Rachel was the one who LIED about Kristin’s vote? Get your Big Brother 12 game on, Rachel-go girl!M

Vote went as expected:

Everyone except Britney and Kathy voted for Monet to be evicted. I have to say that I admire her for standing by her friend. Decent thing, to give her a sympathy vote..

UPDATE:  After just a few minutes, Kathy, Kristin and Lane are already down. Followed quickly by Hayden and BRitneyBrandon is struggling. Matt looks very comfortable

Brendan and Enzo down!!!

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