We have had our first eviction!! For all of you Annie fans 🙁 .  For everyone who was rooting for the “Brachel”  Showmance to continue 🙂

I will updating later with some LIVE FEED news, after eviction.

This was not a major surprise, but still you have to be prepared for anything on Big Brother 2010

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The first big news was the identity of the Saboteur. America voted Kathy most likely.  The actual Sabo is…… ANNIE!!!!!

Her eviction speech was BRUTAL against Brendan! Ouch!! Everything she said was Right on..and the Sloppy Seconds comment against Rachel!  YAY!!!

I LOVE IT!!!!! I LOVE IT!! I LOVE IT!!!That she was the Sabo- and she gave a final little present by the eviction chairs when the HG’s got back.  I HATE it, that she was evicted! You know from my previous posts, that I always liked Annie a lot!  🙁

Bye, Annie!  We will miss you, the house is a poorer place without you.

But now….

The HG’s played the game- “Majority Rules”: see previous post.

The order they were eliminated:

1-Brendan, Kathy, Kristin

2-Enzo, Matt, Lane



5- Tiebreaker:  Won by:   RACHEL!

RACHEL is the new HOH!!!!!

Rachel thrilled with HOH win

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We have ouselves a New HOH!!!

Of the final three in the Majority Rules, I am glad that Rachel won. Bratney would have been a tyrant, and I believe Monet would have done whatever Brat wanted.

Of course Annie was right. This power couple will likely roll right through this game.

And..This just hit me… Where do you think Brendan will be spending his nights this week?  OOOO-La-La! Live Feeds, anyone??  Hmmmm..

Can’t wait to see what strategy these two employ!!

Their early choices seem to be Britney and Monet:

Brit is possible new target

With her buddy Monet?

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Just had our first confrontation between Andrew and Brit- Brit went off on Andrew for some comment he made about being happy that Rachel won HOH and not her. He said- yes, I am happy you didn’t win. Why would I not admit that?  LOL!

Andrew got TICKED

Monet not happy with what Brit did

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