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Nominations!! Kristin and Hayden are on the block. The brigade plans on winning POV and taking Hay down, and talking Rach intonputting Kathy up.
If Rach replaces Hay with Matt, they will sacrifice him and replace Matt with Kristin in the Brigade.
Luxury Comp was played a few minutes ago- with Enzo, Lane, Hayden and Brendan winning a Will Ferrell movie- most likely the movie “The Other Guys”

Nominations will be this afternoon, so stay tuned, or Sign up for the LIVE FEEDS to see the HG’s reaction!!

Rachel and Kristin continued their verbal battle overnight. Rachel walked into the CR, and smirked at Kristin. There was sparring between the two all night. Kristin also refused to go up for Rachel’s HOH room opening. Kristin is up in the HOH room talking to Rachel immediately before noms at 3:20 BBT—

Rachel's HOH

Duuuudde! This Big Brother 2010 show may be one of the most explosive live shows I have ever seen in Big Brother history.
First, we have Andrew’s AWESOME expose’ on Krayden’s relationship, and all the things they were saying about each person.
I TOLD you guys that I HOPED to Goodness they weren’t brother and sister after the things they were doing to each other in bed at night! Andrew witnessed that on a nightly basis, and he called it out tonight!

The LIVE FEEDS are going to blow it up!
Then– We have the Rachel/Kristen showdown HOH comp..
The rounds went:
Hayden/Britney= Hayden
Brendan/Rachel= Rachel
Kristin/Hayden= Kristin
Kathy/Rachel= Rachel
Kristin/Enzo= Kristin
Rachel/Ragan= Rachel
Kristin/Lane= Lane
FINAL ROUND- Lane/Rachel= Rachel as new HOH!

After the show, we came back from commercial to find Kristin and Rachel sniping at each other, with Kristin denying the relationship with Hayden.

Hayden does damage control after HOH comp

The LIVE FEEDS are going to be CRAZY for the next few days- with all the new (true) accusations flying around. Sign up here to witness it for yourself..

Krayden is Out of the closet

Ya gotta give it to Captain Kosher. He went out with a bang!!

Happy week for Brenchel

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