This title is apt, but a joke as well. It you were listening to the late-night (or early am) Big Brother 14 HOH convo….You’ll know what I’m talking about.  It was one of the grossest conversations we’ve heard, but…(and I’m ashamed to admit it)… one of the funniest!

Before we get into that, let’s talk about who’s going home?


I think it’ll be Wil. For several weeks, Joe’s been on everyone’s radar–with his uber-tall tales and dictatorial ways in the kitchen. And yet–why would they? He has no allies. No one behind him. He’s fodder for another day. Whereas Wil has the ability to rally the Tits troops behind him. Are they the strongest alliance in the house? No way. But they have banded together, and with Wil gone, they’ll be all but out the door.

AS LONG as the Silent Six sticks together. And that’s wobbly at best at this point. If Frank hadn’t “shared” with Ian his doubts of Dan–this might not be so. But it happened. And it’s out there, now…

As to that soon-to-be-infamous conversation. It started with a house-wide pillow fight, then back up to the HOH to have a scintillating conversation. To explain…Well, go to FLASHBACK 2:20am BBT— cause I can’t really share it all here.. But it started with Britney–HILARIOUSLY–talking about how much she enjoys pooping. How she takes a good half-hour at home and basically sets up house.

From there–it degenerated into a convo that I can’t even.

And that’s where we were when the HG’s went to bed. Seriously….

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