It happens almost every season.  Especially the years where the big competitors get taken out, and only the second-tier folks are left.  This year’s Big Brother 2011 is no exception. In the last couple of weeks, considering who all’s left in the game, Things may get a little… well, boring.

That doesn’t mean that today things won’t explode and someone will finally go off on Shelly for lying, Adam for riding the fence, or Rachel for…wow.. I blanked out for a minute. Used to be we could expect people to go off on Rachel for any number of things. But she’s gotten so calm, there’s not much of a reason. (Do you think the DR is putting something in her gatorade?-jk-lol)

Puppygate is over! Yesterday at FLASHBACK   2:15pm BBT–Shelly took Rachel’s stuffed dog out of the Kleenex box she’d hid him in, and placed him under Rachel’s pillow. Later that night, she said (in a little-puppy voice) that “A little birdie told me to tell you to look under your pillow.”

But, with the people left in the house, it seems as if it’s going to be a peaceful (read, boring) day. Tomorrow will be a different story, as Shelly started hard-selling, trying to stay in the house.

She’s tried already. She and Rachel had a heart-to-heart out in the BY, where Rachel told her she understood the game she’d been playing. Rach told Shelly she knew that she’d been trying to manipulate people from the get-go, but that most of them refused to see it. Later, Rachel spoke to Jordan about possibly keeping Shelly, only because she feels as if they’d have a better chance to beat her in the F3 comps. FLASHBACK 11:20am BBT yesterday

But Jordan is not budging on her stance to send Shelly to Jury. Shelly’s plea to Rachel was that she’d do anything to stay, because she doesn’t want to have to go sit in the Jury House with Daniele, Jeff and Brendon. Uh..Ya Think?

Both sides need the person who stays to work with them. Adam is still subtly playing both sides.  “Floating.”  But he’ll have to pick a side once and for all, if (when) he stays on Thursday. He’s given Rachel and Jordan his word that he’s with them. But again… Everything from this point on is about WINNING.. So, we’ll see..

Watch the LIVE FEEDS today, cause you never know who might start trying to be “tricksey.”  Shelly is already trying to imply to Kalia and Porshe that she might have a special power from the Fortune Teller.

And speaking of the Witchy-Woman, we expect her to wake up soon and start playing a part in the game…

The big question on the HG’s mind is.. What kind of comp will Thursday be?  R/J hope for a physical comp, as Kalia is obviously better at questions. We’ll know by this evening, if they send the HG’s on inside lockdown.



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