Things seemed relatively calm in the Big Brother 14 House today, but it was the kind of calm you feel right  before a big storm lays the slap-down on you.

There was fun and play.

Makeup and bubblebaths. FLASHBACK to your LIVE FEEDS at 4:15pm and 10pm BBT

Well, enjoy it, folks….Cause folks, things can NOT stay like this. The BB Producers are brewing up some heinous surprise, you can count on it.

There’s still growing animosity between the and the coaches. The players–since Willie’s impromptu “Newbie Only-Reveal”–are wary of revealing too much, just in case they end up as opponents instead of student/teacher.

I’ve mentioned before that if you look at the weeks until the finale, there’s no way they can finish out the season as-is. There are nine houseguests left. If anyone’s counting…That’s the jury. On week 2. Can’t happen.


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