After hours and hours and HOURS of begging in the Big Brother 14 House last night, Danielle’s dream finally came true.  Shane ran out of excuses and finally agreed to sleep in the same bed as her…In separate blankets, of course.

An “acting” drunk Danielle spent most of her night trying to convince Shane to sleep with her- while Shane spent most of the night in defense–until–finally worn down, agreed they could sleep together, but under separate blankets. Even then, Dani rubbed half the poor guy’s belly-skin off before he finally had enough and rolled her over, trying to end the “seduction.”

Behold–A Love Story… en Pictorum….

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But did Dani give up?? No. Not our little Princess. No WAY!–She only edged closer and closer before FINALLY going in for a–rebuffed–smooch.






There’s no other big news to report– Frank is blithely going about under the belief that he has the votes to stay. Sad, yes. For him and us. Joe is (inexplicably) still  in the house. Jenn is still (undeservedly) cocky. Daniele’s love is still unrequited. and King Dan reigns supreme.

But alas, it’s nearly the end, and time for the QP to begin turning on each other. Hopefully that will begin Thursday night.

STAY TUNED to your FEEDS, though. Cause it’s still a long two days till Thursday. And you never know what can happen in that time.. Hope is never lost.


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