The week has been calm heading into the live eviction show on Big Brother 15 tonight, but you never know until the HouseGuests announce their vote what will happen for sure, so who went home on Big Brother 2013 tonight? The Week 3 live eviction show has come to an end and you can find out who got evicted in our Big Brother 2013 spoilers below!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Week 3 Eviction

The three nominees for Week 3 were Aaryn, Jeremy and Spencer, but the house seemed content with voting off Jeremy tonight, but is that how it went down? If you want a detailed report of how it went down, click here for the Live Recap!!! Otherwise, scroll down to find out which houseguest went home on Big Brother 2013 tonight!


Don’t want to know who went home on Big Brother 15 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!










The HouseGuest who went home on Big Brother 2013 tonight is Jeremy McGuire! It was not even close, as a 9-1 vote (Kaitlin voted for Spencer) sent Jeremy out the door!!!

The Live Feeds should be full of drama after that eviction, so subscribe here!!!

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