Last week, Big Brother 2016’s outgoing Head of Household Victor Arroyo nominated Paulie Calafiore and Corey Brooks for eviction. Paulie reacted with an overflow of emotions. He found this pill the hardest one to swallow thus far in Big Brother 18. He knew that Corey got nominated because of his friendship with Paulie. He also knew that his game life was about to end.

Big Brother 18-Paulie Calafiore's Eviction

Last Friday night, Paulie, Victor, Corey, Nicole Franzel, James Huiling, and Paul Abrahamian all competed in the Zingbot Veto competition. It resulted in another win for Victor. Of course, he chose to not use the Veto and keep the nominations the same. This meant that Corey and Paulie were the final nominees. Last night, either Paulie or Corey went to the Big Brother 2016 jury house.


Don’t want to know who went home on Big Brother 18 last night? Then don’t read ahead!










The Houseguest that was evicted tonight on Big Brother 2016 is Paulie Calafiore!!!

Paulie Calafiore

Paulie was voted out by a 5-0 vote. He became the fourth member of the Big Brother 18 jury, but his game may not be completely over. At the end of the last night’s broadcast, host Julie Chen announced that one of the first five members of jury hasa chance to return the Big Brother 18 game.

Who do you want to see return to the Big Brother 18 house?

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