OK- So I’ve had to take some heat for my opinions on this Big Brother 14 Season.

And I’m not going to apologize, cause I have always…(and this is SO weird, cause as I’m writing this–FLASHBACK 2:05pm BBT–Frank and Brit are talking about this exact thing.)….rooted for the UNDERDOG.

And say what you will about Frank, but since the show started…For the last SIX WEEKS…Frank’s either been on the block (4 weeks) or been HOH (2 weeks). That– my friends–is an underdog.  And the thing is–with this POV win–he’s still there.

Now, people hate Boogie, and I get that. He’s hard to like. He’s cranky, and selfish– ref: going for the 10G’s when his boy was in trouble. But the thing is…Boogie didn’t THINK Frank was in trouble. Why?? Cause Frank and Boogie TRUSTED Dan. And that’s the trouble. Actually, that’s everyone’s trouble. I know you’re gonna say “Well, they’re just mad because the others took the first shot.” But they had the chance and they didn’t DO it, did they? And I truly believe that Froogie planned to roll with the Silent Six a good while longer…

Up until this last nomination, I believe Dan still harbored hopes to being Boogie’s Dr. Will 2.0. He knows he can’t win against Frank in the end. He knew he could beat Boogie, though. He even said it—for nostalgia’s sake, he wanted the two previous winners to team up, and wipe out the rest of the house. But it’s finally become evident to Dan that Boogie’s never going to turn against Frank. And once that settled in, he positioned the rest of his ‘flock’ ahead of him like a human meat-shield.

The thing is–all those he’s hiding behind are nothing but fodder for Dan. For all his nice-guy persona, Dan will cut throats as quick as a rattlesnake can strike. Let’s take Ian for instance. Ian relishes his back-stabbing role. He gleefully reports everything Froogie tells him to Dan. He thinks it’s drawing him closer to Dan. But what he naively doesn’t realize is that there is NO WAY Dan’s gonna allow Ian to go to the end. Dan’s already planted the seed that “Boy, Ian’s in the best spot in the house, isn’t he?” Dan knows that Ian’s super-popular, and he’ll cut the kid’s throat as soon as he’s no longer needed. The sad part of all this for wee Ian, is that Frank probably WOULD take him to the end–confident that he could probably beat him with his impressive resume. 

Since sitting next to Boogie is no longer an option, you better believe that Dan plans to sit next to one of the “castaways” at the end. One of the non-players, who he can claim did nothing in the game, while he was the mastermind behind most of the big-player evictions.  The thing is–this isn’t Season 10. There are too many folks in the house who know how he plays. Let’s look at his team.

Danielle–she’s won too many comps. He’ll carry her for a long time, but in the end, he’ll use someone else to take her out.

Shane–no WAY does he want to sit next to this big winner. He’ll cut him before Brit.

Britney- too popular. A previous America’s Winner. Too close to too many in the Jury.

Though Boogie will likely go this week, he’ll do whatever it takes to out Dan along the way. That’s his mission. And if team Boogie does nothing else, they’ve succeeded in planting the first seeds of doubt.

THAT’s why I always root for the Underdog. The underdog puts it out there every day. They play with heart and soul. They play it balls-to-the-wind (so to speak) while under a constant pressure cooker. Jeff had to play that way. Don’t freak out- I’m not comparing Frank to Jeff. I’m just saying that players like them are out there, fighting for their life every day. They don’t scurry around in shadowy corners, whispering, and letting the others do the work for them. 

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