There’s a reason why this show has been on the air for more than ten years. There’s a reason we cough up a few measly bucks to watch what’s really going on in the Big Brother 14 house. There’s an element to this show that we don’t have in any other reality show….It’s Emotion.

Not emotion with the players. Though there’s plenty…PLENTY of that. I’m talking about OUR emotions. The viewers.

Now maybe…if you’re just in it for the CBS show. If you just like watching the DR sessions and the competitions…(And that’s cool, don’t get me wrong)…You won’t understand. I  mean yeah,  there’s a lot of entertainment value to the network show. It’s awesome.

But if you’re a network-show only viewer (OR you keep up tightly with websites like this), You may not understand the way this show–unique to all other reality shows–can affect us the way it does. Let me explain…

Last night, I went to bed pissed off. Angry and restless at the way things had been going in the house. I SO wanted this Super-Alliance to go through. I SO wanted to see Janelle’s blonde butt up on the block–scheming and lying, like she’s done since she walked in the door.

THEN I got up this morning…Went to FLASHBACK to watch what had happened overnight…And VOILA!! Everything had flipped again.


I am happy again.

THAT’s the way this show can affect you. Seriously. It can change your outlook on the day… And THAT makes for a unique and rare show.

So that’s where we stand today…Last night, after a VERY uncomfortable Coach meeting, where Boogie called Janelle out on all her lies about him… FLASHBACK 10:30 pm BBT…Dan decided to go all in. He saw the way Janelle hemmed and hawwed about the lies. He saw that Boogie was being real about the alliance and he said “Let’s do this.”

Afterward, The new alliance was formed. With a new name. A new name with the potential to be legendary in this game…


The aftermath of today’s VETO MEETING is going to be EXPLOSIVE when Wil get’s taken down and Danielle puts Janelle up as a replacement nom. Flesh is going to FLY and the LIVE FEED VIEWERS are going to be there to witness it!! WOOT!!!


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