Dum Dum Daaaaa…. Cue the Dramatic Music in this morning’s Big Brother 14 Post…

Hold on to your seats, guys. Last night in the BB house played out like a movie. But not like any movie we’ve seen yet this season…

While there was comedy…Ian getting his dog-suit and kennel. Frank in his Spirit-tard.


This a story–sure to create LOTS of drama– of the genesis of a “Super-Team.”  In the words of Mike Boogie…”The Avengers…With two smart girls (Brit and Danielle) and four powerhouse guys (Boogie, Dan, Shane and Frank.)”

How would this plan work, you ask? Well..

Last night, Boogie brought a new proposal to Dan and Danielle. Take Frank off the block and put Janelle up.

I’ll let you digest that for a bit, while you imagine the blood splashing all over the Big Brother walls when Janelle gets put up.

OK, now that you’re settled, let’s talk about it.   It’s a pretty exciting alliance. Not for the rest of the house, of course. But an alliance between these six would be an amazingly strong one. Everyone that was included seems very, very on board…Everyone except Dan. I can’t get a handle on exactly what Dan’s hesitation is? I believe it’s mostly because Dan still wants to be Boogie’s Dr. Will. And he can never do that as long as Frank’s around.

There’s still lots of time before the Veto Meeting. And there’s no telling what kind of chaos will reign if this leaks out to the Blonde Bomber. So we wait.. And we watch…

The Live Feeds will be SWARMING today as the HG’s mull over this new proposal. This is the perfect chance for you to SIGN UP FOR YOUR THREE-DAY FREE TRIAL. To witness the possible beginning of a legendary new alliance. The FREE TRIAL will take you all the way through the VETO Meeting. You’ll be able to watch Janelle climb the WALLS if she’s put up. AND you can stick around as she works to keep herself safe. Once you get a taste the delicious FEEDS–you’ll understand why it’s the best bang for your summer entertainment’s buck.



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