UPDATED! PoV players are Brenchel,
Dom/Adam and… Jejo!
Will post again when comp is over. The two duos met up in HoH and FINALLY busted Dani out on her plan, once they compared notes.

We saw it coming , didn’t we? She’s been plucking strings for a while, maneuvering the Big Brother 2011 people into position— to make sure this happens. I personally hoped it would be a while before she made her move, but apparently she’s growing impatient, so…Get ready! and— STAY TUNED FOR POV RESULTS!!!

Dani began making her first overt moves last night, whispering and conniving–setting up the big showdown between the two power duos. She openly, for the first time, wondered aloud to Brenchel that it might be time to cut Jeff and Jordan. If Dom and Adam win the POV–“wouldn’t it be smart to go ahead and put JeJo on the block??” she said.

Dani works her magic- clever girl.. Is she going to be outed, though?

Then, she went to Kalia–notoriously unable to keep a secret and close to Jordan to boot– and told her that Brenchel were considering replacing the noms with JeJo. This is, of course, with the sinister intention that Kalia will tell Jeff and Jordan. She also met with Adam in the storeroom and told him he HAS to win the POV, because if he does…. Brenchel plans a “Big Backdoor Move.”

She’s gotten away with her manipulations up to now. But late last night, Brenchel started doubting her motivations…BIG TIME! They plan to have a private talk with JeJo today and “Compare Notes.”

Watch the LIVE FEEDS today, to see the results of the POV–and the insane fallout that’s sure to follow. If you are a Dani or a Jeff and Jordan fan, SIGN UP HERE to view the smackdown that is coming for someone…It’s the cheapest (at only $39.99 for the whole season, PLUS Flashback) summer entertainment you can possibly enjoy!

Umm..I have no words

Do you think Rachel and Brendon will yield to Dani’s manipulations, or will they talk to Jeff and Jordan and figure it all out?? SOUND OFF HERE!

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