As we all know, tonight’s the Big Brother 14 Week 2 eviction night.
As we also know, with Danielle and Jojo on the block, it’s more than likely the fiery New Yawker is likely on her way out.

Which is a shame, really, since she’s one of the few HG’s that seem to be playing hard.
But…the way the game is rolling right now–and even though Jojo bribed Joe with two packs of smokes, a la prison currency–she doesn’t have much of a shot… FLASHBACK 11:15 BBT
Or does she??

I’d bet my left pinky toe that tonight we get the big reveal. The twist that’s been hovering over the game for the last couple of weeks.

Will it be a competition to let one of the evicted HG’s back into the game? In previous years, that would be cause for excitement. If we had say…a Willie…waiting in the wings to re-enter then it might thrill us as we watch it play out.
But since it’s only meek Kara, the (wait, who?) Jodi, and (most likely, the newly-evicted) Jojo, as contstants, will that be twist enough for the oh-so-experienced BB Production?
I say nay…
I believe the twist they have prepared for us has something to do with the coaches. The biggest competition has been between these four pros. And even if they don’t “enter the game,” I think the BB powers that be have something…unexpected…up their sleeves.

And speaking of that competition…The HG’s received a gift last night– a¬†pseudo-hockey rink. While most of the gang practiced, Jojo, Brit and Shane scrambled for votes that–most likely–will not come.

So– STAY TUNED, folks. Cause tonight is gonna be something special…I just feel it.

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