Well. It happened. We all thought it would and yet.. in Big Brother 14, it’s ain’t over till the statuesque lady leaves.

And leave she did. You have to give her credit. Janelle went out with grace and dignity. If only she’d shown a bit more of that during her game-play, what happened last night might not have.

But Janelle’s grace isn’t what I want to talk about today. No, today I want to chat about a more obscure kind of grace. Grace under pressure. Treating others with dignity, even while under the most extreme circumstances. I’m talking about Frank.

During last night’s convo with Julie Chen, Janelle said one thing that was true and one thing that wasn’t. First, she claims–during that pivotal moment in the HOH room, when she flounced upstairs hoping to show Boogie up once and for all, and was instead exposed as a liar–that she was just trying to “protect Joe and Wil.” If you believe that, I ‘ve got some beachfront property in Arizona I want to sell you. Nope. She was covering her own butt by refusing to even consider parting with one of “her guys.” And that sealed her fate.

Boogie had laid the deal on the table. All of the participants had signed it. All except Dan. And until Dan inked it, it was never going through. But that one second of hesitation happened, and sealed Janelle’s fate.

And the thing she told the truth about?  That she was afraid of Frank.  Well,  she should be. All of them should be.

The guy’d been on the block 3 out of 4 weeks. And the one week he wasn’t??? He was HOH. Many a HG would’ve crumbled under that kind of pressure. But not him. He remained calm. Remained friendly. Kept up relations with everyone in the house. Stayed humble. And sailed through it, all the way to the HOH room. Again.

Last night, Brit was obviously upset at losing the comp. As was wee Ian. Ian literally did a little dance of frustration right there on the stage. But for him, it’s because he wants to enhance his BB experience. Ian’s adorable in his desire to eat up every bite of the game. Brit claims she was upset because she wanted pictures and a letter. But come on– she had that two weeks ago. Brit was upset cause she’s worried. And again…She should be. Because one of the first things Mike Boogie said to Frank once the show ended was, “We need to think about getting rid of Britney. She’s just way too good at the social game.”

Frank however, isn’t worried about Britney. He is concerned with only one thing. The fact that Dan wants to be Boogie’s #1 guy. And Frank knows that Dan knows he can never be that while Frank’s in the house. Frank is quite aware of this. He told us FEED VIEWERS in one of his early am- soliloquies to the camera. (FLASHBACK THURS 9:33 am BBT)

HOWEVER–I in my gut I feel like Frank/Boogie will stick to the deal, and end up putting Joe vs Shane (who volunteered earlier in the week).

So–Will Frank and Boogs stick to the Silent Six deal? Put up Joe and a “volunteer” from that group? Maybe. I think Boogie will lean that way. But Frank saw how easily the others lied to Jani. He also knows Dan lied to him the week before.

Today’s nominations will show where Chilltown 2.0 is headed. The LIVE FEEDS leading up to a probable Have Not comp and following nominations should be VERY interesting. But again–it’s VETO that means everything. So- we’ll keep our eyes peeled from now till then.

Who do you think Frank should nominate? Do you think he’ll stick with the Silent Six? OR consider secretly partnering with the Newbie Alliance-Team Tits?



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