Only in sunny California can we see such a group of fine-looking people  in the Big Brother 2010 house, all crowded up in one place.  I, like most of you, had hoped to have more diversity in the house this year. I said before, give us the fat, the old, the awkward.

Well, that didn’t happen, and as my dad says: You hunt with the dog you got.

UPDATE** Interesting tidbit of information.  This is not the first reality TV show that Matt has been on. He also appeared on the show “Average Joe”.  Hmm.. A reality TV show vet might make a very good saboteur, don’t you think?

So.. We do have some eye candy at the very least.  I apologize to the ladies for the lack of meat on the pics yesterday.

I will remedy that immediately:  If you sign up here for the LIVE FEEDS you can see these hunks and hotties for yourself at any time of the day or night.

**Spoiler Alert**

Is it smarter for the house to keep Rachel or Annie? Is it wise to keep a couple together this early in the season? Is Brendan losing so much blood from his brain because it is being routed elsewhere that he is not thinking straight?  Having a confirmed relationship this early in the game, makes you a HUGE target.. duh..

Annie and Rachel had a confrontation last night.Annie told everyone that Rachel was condescending to her and gave her the buh-bye wave.

Annie-Rachel have a tiff

Hayden catches some rays

Wow! How handsome is Brendan?

I didn't forget you guys.

Andrew is cute.

Lane is, too

Kristen is talented

Very talented

Annie kept up some of the HG’s up till all hours of the night, pleading her case. She is making some headway in trying to convince them that it would benefit the house to break up the couple.

Remember: this is just the FIRST WEEK!!  the HG’s are just getting to know each other, and feathers (or fur) has already flown, with Annie going after Britney after the POV ceremony.

The Big Brother 12 HG’s had fun playing a new game.  Throwing  ziploc bags full of beans,  into vases. Who wants to see the return of beer pong!

New game

Kristen develops her game

While the other ladies take a bubble bath

relaxing in the tub

but you gotta get out sometime

There were some (ahem) nip-slips on the Live Feeds yesterday. Now, I am a lady. I do my best to be proper, but I know some of you heathens will want to see this for yourself. I can almost 100% guarantee more nudity this season. Most of these women are blessed (not necessarily by God- more by the surgeon, probably).

See the previous post.. I MAY have put the pics in there.. Hmmm

sign up for the LIVE FEEDS here, and stay tuned for more action.

Andrew got upset at something Lane said (not sure what) and threw a fit!

Things are heating up quickly, as Annie gets more and more desperate

Annie is losing it


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