For those Big Brother fans out there that are a little disappointed in this season of Big Brother 2013, well you may have a chance to see some Big Brother action on Survivor this fall, as Big Brother 12 winner Hayden Moss will be competing on Survivor: Blood vs. Water! So, maybe you can get your Big Brother 15 fix watching a previous winner compete on another reality show? I am trying here people!

Survivor 27 - Kat and Hayden

For Survivor Season 27, the premise is to have ten returning castaways come back and play the game one more time, but they are also bringing a loved one with them! The loved ones will compete against their family members on separate tribes. I think this is an interesting concept and will be fun to see. They are their loved ones, so they can compare strategies and ways to play the game and then at the merge they can only hope their loved on is still there to work with!

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As far as Hayden, he will be heading out with his girlfriend Kat Endorsson, who competed on Survivor: One World. Hayden was part of the famous “Bragade” alliance during Big Brother 12, which was made during day one of that season. Will he be quick to form a new alliance on Survivor that quick? It worked the first time around, but he might have some eyes watching him this time around!

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