As time marches us ever closer to the July 7th premiere of Big Brother 2011, I started asking myself this question.

What type of Big Brother fan am I?

Now, we all love TV. And I’m sure, if you’re like me, you watch wayyy too much of it. But if I happen to miss a show or two of one of my favorites, or *gasp of horror* I lose my recordings on the DVR- I will likely survive the grief.

Except when it comes to Big Brother.

That is because I fall into the latter category on the following list. Allow me to explain.


This fan is the bread and butter of Big Brother. He is in the vast majority of BB Fans. He likes his mysteries and doesn’t mind waiting on the cliffhanger results. He’s dependable. A fan who likes his meat red and his bread white. He’s hardly ever late for work, and puts his pants on one leg at a time.

THE CBS and BBAD (Big Brother After Dark) FAN-

This fan likes to step it up a notch. She’s a bit less buttoned-down, a little more intense and she likes to see a little skin from time to time. Nothing too naughty, and not TOO  many surprises for our second fan type. But she’s a gal who likes to have her cake (artificially sweetened, of course) and nibble on it, too.

THEN, of course, there’s the Big Brother Super-Fan– The 24/7 Live Feed Fan!

This fan is a tried and true, b*lls-to-the-wall Fan-atic. This crazy joker loves his Big Brother and wants the real, honest story from the first second. He’s not one to follow the crowds. He doesn’t believe something just ’cause he’s told. This fan has to see it to believe it. And what he sees on Feeds is 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week of uncut, uncensored, 100% unvarnished truth.  Is it extreme? Oh BOY, is it extreme.. But for me and all of us hard-core fans, it’s the only way to fly!

Stay tuned for more news on how you can sign up for the Live Feeds on Big Big Brother and get your voice heard. We care about what you think…. 24/7!

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