Unbelievable! There was more tap-dancing in the Big Brother 14 House last night, after that astonishing Endurance Comp, than a 1940’s Broadway musical. And the lies were so thick on the floor I don’t know how they were able to walk. In any case, the Results are in!! And in a surprise to nearly everyone…..

That’s right… The lovesick Southern swooner held out longer than anyone to win the first–horrific–endurance comp of the season!

Whodathunkit?  Everyone pretty much counted Dani out as being soft, but she definitely proved herself last night. And though it might’ve been heat-of-moment, Shane was all to happy to welcome his stalker to the HOH room.

The dancing continued as the clueless Frank and Boogie were let in on the “secret” that Frank was on his way out the door. Joe let it slip during the comp, and afterward, when Boogie cornered Dan about it—Dan told Boogie that it was the only reason he hit the red button–to save Frank.


And Janelle is also lying about hitting the button. She claims she’s “pissed” to be brought into such a low-brow game, and IF she was going to play again, it should’ve been in an All-Stars. Right after the comp, Janelle brushed Brit aside to pull Danielle into a “YEAH, Girl-Power, we did it!” Hug. But Dani can’t stand Janelle. After all the digs Jani threw against Danielle last week, Dani want so go after her (Janelle) but she’s making this a team effort, so it’s not decided yet…

Early this morning, Janelle was telling Boogie that she was “astonished” that Wil had lied about the Frank vote. The funny part, is that Wil was right outside the room listening to the whole conversation. They are still working on deciding who to trust this week…Boogie or Janelle… Hang in to see what happens with the Noms!

Now that it’s actually done.. WHAT DO YOU THINK??

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