Update: The Early Bird Discount is Live! Get your cheap Feeds now!

It’s creeping closer and closer. Our beloved Big Brother 14 is on it’s way, folks!


Now, I know there are lots of you out there who love the show. And we all complained last year about the return of some of the previous HG’s. This season–if the BB14 gods be good–we’ll get an all-new crop of real-life hamsters to torture on the July 12th Premiere.


Think of the excitment that comes when the new folks first enter the BB house… When everything is all shiny-new and all the back-stabbing, lying, and scheming is still ahead.

OOOO- did you feel the shiver?

If you are a true-blue, dyed in the wool BB14 fan, you’ll want to sign up July 18th for the new LIVE FEEDS!!

Thank the CBS and Realplayer gurus for keeping up with the times.  The mobile feeds are now FREE! Last season it cost an extra five bucks. Not this time, baby! You can keep up with the madness and mayhem wherever you go!

PLUS…if you sign up for the live feeds with Bigbrother.com (beginning June 18th) you’ll get the awesome-blossom early-bird special…. Only $29.99 for the WHOLE enchilada!

For all of you dedicated feed watchers, you know that the feeds (or keeping up with us here) is the only way to know what REALLY happening behind those walls. The CBS show is only the tip of the iceberg. Remember the way they lead you to believe certain things about people? For instance…they showed Jerry as being a sweet elderly gentleman…when in reality, he was a¬†curmudgeonly, hateful old coot. You don’t want to be mislead, I know…

YOU want to know the truth. And with the the LIVE FEEDS and BigBigbrother.com the truth shall set you free!!

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We’ll also be chatting on Premiere night for a fun take-down of all the new HG’s! THAT is a do-not-miss!

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