The results of the Big Brother 14 Coach’s Competition are in and…..

Looks like Janelle won with Boogie in 2nd! And Janelle “saved” Ashley.

Apparently, there was a big Willie-blow up, and minutes after the comp, Willie came into the HOH room where  Joe, Janelle, Frank and Boogie were celebrating and told them that he was going to get himself thrown out this week before they can evict him.

The others believe Willie plans to punch someone to get himself evicted. OMG! You better jump on your LIVE FEEDS!! 

PS–Brit’s whole team plus Ian are Have Nots. I get that they were pissed at Willie, but that seems a tad vindictive. That’s apparently what set Willie off-



So– it’s gonna get CRAZY up off in here.. Do you have your FEEDS yet? If you’ve been holding back, wondering if the season will be worth $9.99 bucks for 24/7 LIVE coverage.. Wait no more and give the Three-Day Trial a shot!!

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